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Your local RA exists to ensure that the Friars Cliff area of Christchurch continues to be the warm, attractive, friendly neck of the woods that we love so much. We not only keep a look out for any developments, proposed changes or other events that might affect us but, through regular quarterly meetings and social events (Skittles, Quiz evenings, Summer outings, etc.), aspire to create a community spirit for all to enjoy.

Visit our web-site for information on local organisations, our own events, the history and geography (including maps) of Friars Cliff, details of the local infrastructure (including planning issues), a list of RA officers and other RA matters.

If you are not yet a member but would like to join, check who is your street warden (details on the website) and contact them. It only costs £2 per household per year (this is a minimum; you are welcome to give more). This entitles you to attend the quarterly meetings and to receive our quarterly newsletter – Friars Forum.

We look forward to meeting you…

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14th May 2018


At the 2018 AGM, held on 9th March, Marianne Abley was re-elected as Chair and the rest of the Committee stood again. However Mike Stannard, our Treasurer, wishes to stand down as soon as a successor can be found. For details of this and other matters discussed, click here for the minutes of the meeting.

A number of issues, particularly regarding developments in our area, continue to require our attention.  

As you may have read in the Christchurch Times, we win some, we lose some.  The 'lose' is that the Noisy Lobster has obtained its planning consent.  The 'win' is the green light for the Zig-Zag path to be repaired.

Meanwhile, ongoing concerns are:
1.   Local Government Reorganisation. The Minister is recommending to Parliament that the merger of CBC with Bournemouth and Poole goes ahead!!.
2.   The much increased price of the works to raise Avon Beach promenade, which are nevertheless proceeding.
3.   The repair of the Zig-Zag path at Highcliffe Castle is only expected to be completed by Easter 2019.
4.   The planning consent obtained by the Noisy Lobster to convert the first floor flat into a function room. Once this is completed, we will monitor its use. We have two possibilities for control: (1) to complain to the Council if the car park is not kept shut at night. (Our Councillor, Paul Hilliard, will help.)
(2) We may be able to input to any application to renew the drinks licence.
5.   The development of Pine Beach Nursing Home site, where the appeal against refusal of the extended plans has been turned down. The only thing presently happening is that the site is slowly deteriorating.
6.   The development of the MCA site. It is understood that access problems have been resolved.
7.   The plans of the Life Saving Club to rebuild their clubhouse (which we generally approve).
8.   The effect that the winter charge of 50p in all carparks is causing many cars to be parked on the road.

Your webmaster is checking the latest position on all of these issues and will bring you further information as known.

Meanwhile, the new Christchurch Times continues to give its own, informed, insite into these issues. Reading it is highly recommended.